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A small mercy, that not too much damage was suffered by these curses. The same, however, cannot seem to be said by others.

[Filtered to Cassian;]

Illusion of parental ties notwithstanding, has the Cardmaster given you your orders?
The sudden influx of the seething masses. Why is that?

Kindly keep a distance from my instruments, your hands to yourself, and perhaps we may get along.

Should you find a need to embrace someone, this fine young lad would be more than worthy of your attentions.
Apologies, overall wretchedness. This contraption doesn't cease to bore.

"Quite" good - after all these years, still mocking.

[Filter to Cassian;]

Buy yourself a dress. Pretty petticoats, lace. A fine wig would be a necessity; none of your paltry, common circus tastes, now.


[[ooc: Naturally all correspondence is likewise filtered.]]

Feb. 22nd, 2008

Kindly cease your pacing, my dear fellow, and make yourself useful.

Dispose of these gaudy cards, and we'll be on our way.

[[Private :: Loxosceles reclusa :: Unhackable]]

You're better off indulging in your true self more.

Tea was, of course, fascinating.

Lab. Scalpel. Where are my patients? My eyes and entrails and formaline. Gone. Gone. Mother, of more worth in death than you were alive - sisters. Where are your jars.

.......CASSIAN. You have not yet suffered my dismissal, nor had you asked to take your leave from my presence. You'll surely have an explanation for this anomaly.

When ever did London harbor uncouth, vociferous fools in such amounts? Pray tell, the gentry, the simpering, needling gentry, have they all been shocked into hiding?

I will need to tend to the Lady. To me, Cassian, and make haste.


A kiss on the hand
Jezebel Disraeli

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